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Raid MedLantic

Raid MedLantic

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From the Mediterranean Sea to the Atllantic Ocean and back, using as much dirt as possible, which equates to 1726km/1072mi or 50%. That’s the equivalent of Land’s End to John O’Groats and half-way back – on dirt roads.

Short of entering a rally, there’s nothing out there that comes close to this adventure. Old Dakar pistes, sand, gravel, grit, rock slab, fesh-fesh, dry lake beds etc. Across the dunes of Erg’s Chegga and Cheggaga, through the gorges of the Middle Atlas for a blast along the beach at Plage Blanche – and that’s just the riding!

The idea behind this tour was to create an experience as close as possible to how we travel solo, on a short to medium length dirt road adventures. Carrying all our own kit – Motopacking style – we’ll shop in markets, draw water from wells, cook our own food and thereby be self-sufficient; allowing us flexibility in our itinerary on bivouac days. We’ll eat lunch in restaurants when possible and picnics out in the boonies when not.

We’re followed by a 4×4 with a local driver carrying our medic and medical kit, and shadowed by our support van* containing larger tools, spares and your individulal spares boxes*, which we’ll meet at each accommodation.

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